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Regular Class

ABS offers Classical Ballet and Modern Dances class for students in a range of ages and different levels of ability.

The classes start for girls and boys, children from 18 months old to adult. It is never too early or too late to learn.



ABS is offering masterclass for students. This is a fantastic opportunity for aspiring dancers to find out more about the techniques used, boost students confidence, enhancing artistry and presentation skills, and help students to identify what they personally need to work on. Each masterclass will include body conditioning, dance technique, choreography and enhancement session all led by our international dance master.


Valuable Dancer Camp

Being a good dancer should have a good attitude and other life skills. Being valuable person also important.
Valuable dancer Camp focused on enhancing students dance technique while developing life and social skill.


Dance Overseas

Overseas program is our collaboration with some dance school partner overseas. Aim to give experience, skills, confidence, independence and of course, new friends!


Competition Coaching

ABS offers coaching and personalized tuition for young dancers interested in a professional career or for personal advancement. This class special for identifies and addresses individual needs of the dancers allowing them to excel quickly, move efficiently to the next level, and what quality judges are looking for.

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Annual Performance

For the ABS students, the Annual Performance provided a professional place for our students to perform, precedes the students in different course levels, will have a chance to showcase their achievements and their talents, also to praise the students hard working efforts.
The students will gain new experience, higher confidence level, and independence.



This event held as an appreciation for our students who passed the International Examination. All students have to show what they have learned.
They will perform in front of audiences and their parents got the chance to support them by making and preparing wonderful costumes for their children performance.


Event Performance

As a result of the routine done by ABS students and as professionals, it is not uncommon for our students to be invited to fill events in public places.
The various events that invite our involvement include : Weddings, Birthdays, Exhibitions, Annual Meeting and other various events.

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